Oxygenate 3 in 1 Super facial
KAYMI – Oxygenate 3 in 1 Super facial
janvier 18, 2018
NeeRevive Kit
NeeRevive Kit – Oxygeneo 3 in 1 Super facial
septembre 18, 2018

Skin Analyser

Quick Details
Type: Skin Analyzer
Certification: CE
Place of Origin: Munich – Germany
Brand Name:KAYMI
Model Number: digital skin analyzer machine, Skin Analysis Machine
AC violet: 110v-240v
net weight: 5.8kg
size: 490*350*420cm
packing size: 540*465*465cm
gross weight: 7.5kg
Enviroment temperature: 10-35C
type: skin analyzer machine
Rating Power: 40W


Catégorie :
1.Treatment Theory

The Skin Analysis System own two special lighting systems (RGB +UV) and smart skin analysis software that allows two images (before and after beauty care) can be compared side by side, which is very different visual effects to be felt. Once the Skin Analysis System emits visible RGB light and safe UV light to the skin, various chromophores in skin cells respond to the light differently send back remitted light. The reflected light is captured by the digital camera and analyzed by software for the light absorbed at various wavelengths, then the images created from computer analysis show the skin condition and future prediction.

Analyze skin situation by high resolution RGB / UV photo taking. Demonstrate skin defects such as spots, Pore, Evenness Acne and Sun-damage. Check the quality of cosmetics of SPF and PA ++ as well, for reference of beauty solutions.

Unique RGB / UV photo shot system
Real-time preview + dual pictures display
12 Mega pixels high solution RGB/UV CCD
Comfortable tilted check entrance, human-oriented design
Powerful PC software supporting for automatic precise analysis
Analysis area user definable
Before and after contrast, easily to compare
Not only check facial skin today, and also “see” the facial skin in the future
 CRM with professional UV / RGB analysis for pore, wrinkle, acne….

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