NeeRevive Kit
NeeRevive Kit – Oxygeneo 3 in 1 Super facial
septembre 18, 2018
Clinical Derma Roller Titanium 0.2mm - Kaymi
Clinical Derma Roller Titanium – 0.2mm
janvier 14, 2019

NeeBright Kit – Kaymi Oxygenate 3 in 1 Super facial

NeeBright Ingredient :

NeeBright reduces skin pigmentation and sun damage while lightening the skins complexion.

Azelaic Acid = Even Pigmentation

Azelaic Acid is a well-known agent that is used to treat skin hyper pigmentation conditions that decreases the activity of pigment-producing cells.

Kojic Acid = Skin Lightening

Kojic Acid is a naturally occurring agent produced by fungi which inhibits Melanin production. When combined with Azelaic acid, there is a synergistic lightening and bleaching effect.

Retinol = Anti-Aging

A derivative of Vitamin A, Retinol has been clinically proven to increase collagen and skin cell production. It is also known as one of the best anti-aging solutions.

Catégorie :

Evened Pigment

Treatment: Facial with NeeBright Capsule

This shows the immediate effect of the NeeBright OxyGeneo treatment after one session.

Pore size is reduced and skin texture is improved.


Crows Feet

Treatment: Facial Crows feet around eyes decreased with just one treatment.


Neck and face wrinkles

Deep set wrinkles around neck and mouth dramatically improved with just one treatment.


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